Merry Christmas from the Mooneys!

It’s been a long and eventful year. We’ve settled into our new house in Suwanee, getting closer to the neighbors and involved in the community. It’s a great house and perfect for us.

We’ve continued to work on the church plant, Phoenix Community of Suwanee, watching it grow slowly and seeing transformation in our church family. Many of you understand our heart to be real and empower people with truth and see them take ownership of their gifts and ministry. This continues to give us joy as we move forward with some amazing people.

And we got a dog! The kids have been begging us for years to get a dog, and we promised that once we had a new house we would get the dog. Mabel joined us over the summer as a puppy and has been a challenge but so much fun. The kids love her, and they’ve taken responsibility for her care. Mostly they love to play and cuddle with her.

Becca is in her third year teaching German at North Gwinnett High School. The program continues to grow and do well. A new teacher joined the program at the Middle School level and will feed students to Becca over the next couple years and build a better foundation for those students that stay into the higher levels. Becca walks the dog and bakes healthy treats for the church on Sunday mornings.

Britt is busy with several different roles. He leads the church and works for the coffee company associated with our ministry, Phoenix Roasters. He has also been working hard on his writing. He will publish one book in the next few months, The Fire Reborn, and has been shopping around a few other books to agents and publishers. Britt has also been getting involved with OneRace, a group of pastors unifying for racial reconciliation and revival.

Micah started middle school! He is twelve and in the sixth grade. He got into percussion with band and also guitar class as his two connections classes. He goes in early most days and works on coding and computer projects. He won an award at the end of 5th grade for his work in the Tech Club. He loves to create and be with friends. He loves Mabel. And he helps out some Sundays running the slides for worship. He reads Rick Riordan and the Inheritance series and rereads Harry Potter when he can’t find something new he likes.

Elisha started fourth grade. She loves her teachers and does so well in school. Cooking is one of her favorite things. Sometimes she makes lunch on the weekend for her and her siblings. We’re proud that she’s developed some great friends this year. She helps to train Mabel and still has Festus, her fish. Elisha helps on Sundays, as well, running slides or dancing with other kids in worship. She reads the Warriors series and books about animals. She is also writing her own stories – they’re great!

Hosanna is our “hoot,” our little ball of energy. She started second grade in public school, but we are transitioning her into an online charter school as a better fit for her. She is active and playful and is great at sitting and doing her assignments at home. She reads Ramona, Judy Moody, and Bad Kitty books.

We go to the library a lot.

Prayer requests for this year:

  1. A great transition to the online charter school for Hosanna.
  2. For the church to continue to grow and wisdom for us as we lead the ministry.
  3. For more reliable vehicles or the money to get them. Both are on their last leg and we would like to get cars without going into debt/payments.

Although we have been blessed abundantly and in so many ways with the new ministry, church planting isn’t a money-making endeavor. Resources go back into the church. If you’d like to be a part of what we’re doing for the Kingdom through giving to help us get more reliable cars, you can use the following link, putting our names in the notes:

You can also use Text to Give. Text GIVE to the following number and it will take you through the steps. 404.471.3045

Thank you all for your friendships, your prayers, and the blessings you are to us. We pray you see the gift of Jesus even more clearly this year than ever before. Mer ry Christmas!