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Who We Are

Don't just go to church. Come and BE the church with us!

The Father loves us and wants us in our brokenness and to transform us through His Son into the people that rise from the ashes of life to give glory to God by living the best life God has for us here and for eternity. That is GOOD NEWS! Phoenix Community is a church where we explore the Good News in a loving and connected community. 

We can go farther together, so our local communities have the following mission:


Our mission is defined by three distinctive principles...

1. RELATIONSHIPS. Relationships are everything. 

2. DISCIPLESHIP. Participate in the Good News by following Jesus and passing it on to others.

3. SACRIFICE. We are not what we say; we are what we do.

With this simple focus, we endeavor to grow closer to the Father and one another and impact our cities for Jesus. Come and Join us!

To learn more about the Phoenix Community, we invite you to read our story in the book "Say Yes: How God-Sized Dreams Take Flightby Britt Mooney. Say Yes is available online.

We Believe...

We believe there is one God existing in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


We believe Jesus is the Son of God, conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, and is fully human and fully God.


We believe Jesus’ death on the cross paid for the sins of humanity.  His resurrection proves He is the Son of God and is a historic event that actually happened.


All of humanity has a sin problem that separates each one of us from a relationship with God.  By confessing those sins to God and asking Jesus for forgiveness, people receive forgiveness of sin and have an eternal relationship with God.


We believe the Bible is the word of God.


We believe Jesus commanded His followers to make disciples of all people worldwide.

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